How often should I aerate my lawn?


How often a lawn needs to be aerated is a common question asked amongst homeowners looking to enhance the beauty and health of their landscape. The common answer is at least once a year – however, the frequent aeration attempts are depended on two elements: how compacted your soil is and what type of grass do you have?


What soil compaction?

Soil compaction occurs when homeowners tend to park their cars on the lawn or where frequent foot traffic is found. This overground pressure presses the soil down, compacting it over time. This tends to cause trouble for homeowners because nutrients capabilities and water consumption become limited.


How can I test if my soil is compacted?

You can test your soil by walking on it. If your lawn’s rock solid, there may be an incredibly good chance that your soil is in desperate need of aeration in the upcoming season. However, if you find that your lawn is soft than you may not need to use aeration.