Save money with these lawn care hacks


Let me start by giving you a shocking statistic that would stop you dead in your tracks. According to American Green, “an estimated $40 billion is spent by homeowners caring for their lawns every year.”

No, that is not a typo on my end. Trust me, I tripled checked when writing this article. That is allot of money when you think about it. $40 Billion! Geez.

Now that we have processed this immeasurable amount of money. Let us now see why?

Well, if I had to take a guess, it could mean two things. #1, landscaping is an extremely expensive investment and #2 homeowners do not seem to mind spending that much cash knowing that they are maintaining their property landscape.

Sounds about right…No, I am not trying to toot my own horn here but these two explanations seem the most logical.

If landscaping maintenance is that expensive and homeowners enjoy upkeeping the beauty of their property than their must be a way where you can still do it and save money along the way.

If only there was hacks that can do just that…Yes, you guessed it. I have a few that can help close the pockets and save you down the road.


Hack #1: Plant Several Fruit Trees.

Now that’s a sweet idea. Fruit trees not only provide you with the organic and fresh produce you love, but also shade. They are practically a natural air condition. During the hot summer days where you might turn on the air condition to cool your home as the sun beams through your window, now the shade provided by your fruit trees can now cool your home down to nearly 20 degrees.

Hack #2: Planting perennials instead of annuals can be a major money-saver.

Annual plants need to be replanted yearly. The repositioning allows the plant to grow fuller and healthier as it sprouts new roots under the soil floor. This method can be extremely costly and time consuming compared to planting perennials that can last over three years without being replanted. The idea of planting perennials seems the most cost-effective and time saving approach that can still leave you standing in a beautiful vibrant landscape without contributing much to the crazy $40 billion statistic I referenced earlier in the article.

Hack #3: Buy your plants in the Fall.

Buying your plants later in the year can be a huge money saver for you. Nurseries tend to push out their inventory for the winter by having sales during the mid to late fall. You can practically save up to 50% on your purchases by utilizing this hack. Just call your local nursery and inquire when their fall sales start.