The Benefits of Weed Removal


You love your lawn – but maintaining it can be time consuming. With proper knowledge and care, you can make sure that your lawn standards remain high and you can enjoy the long-lasting benefits of its maintained health.

As you can see from the title of the article, today’s topic, is a rather fan favorite…yes, weed control! Okay, maybe not a fan favorite per say because dealing with weeds is never fun but its something that everyone comes across during their lawn care journey. So being prepared can be the difference between having a maintained greenery you can be proud of versus a uncontrollable infestation that leaves you standing in 3 feet of malnutrition grass.
I now hope to have grabbed your attention enough to read further as I share these simple tips that can rid you of these pesty weeds.



Why are weeds bad for my lawn?

If your used to having vibrant greenery at your home, weeds could be your biggest enemy as it seeks to rob your lawns access to nutrients, light and must needed moisture. If that sounds distasteful, imagine the deadly pathogens that weeds carry as it spouts under your lawns soil. These pathogens attack growth causing your lawn to slowly decay overtime. Therefore, getting ahead of the problem using 2 methods of weed removal will be you best option in protecting your property.

  1. Manual Weed Removal
  2. Chemical Pesticides


Manual Weed Removal

Pulling weeds out of your lawn can take some time. But proper manual weed removal requires some form of strategy. It’s very tempting to just reach under the breached soil and vigorously pull out pesty weeds but that can prove to be a major mistake. See, the weeds could snap in half leaving one half underground while you remove the other half. You’ve assumed that you removed the entire weed but that may not be the case. Therefore, grabbing the weed entirely at the base root would be your best bet in full removal.

Chemical Pesticides  

This maybe the easiest cure in weed removal you can utilize. Applying foliar herbicides products such as Remuda Full Strength by Monterey can help attack the problem before you have it. Just be sure to consider the pros and cons of chemical pesticides as this process is most effective as a preventive measure.