Summer is approaching which means temperatures are rising. You may have already felt the sweltering heat the last few weeks and it is only the beginning. Thankfully, we can combat these high temperatures with air conditioning, water and indoor activities, but how about your landscape. They are the most exposed to the hot elements than anything around us. Whether rain, heat , or shine our landscape is always on the front lines. So, what can we do to help our landscape stay healthy and vibrant through the hot summer days? Really simple, Water…Water…Water….Water. I cannot stress how important water and proper water placement is to your landscape during these hot seasons.


Here are a few common homeowner questions that are frequently asked:


When Should I Water My Grass Throughout the Summer Day?

The best times to water your landscape is either in the early morning hours before the sun has made its mark and the evening. This ensures that the root of your landscape absorbs majority of the water and its nutrients before any evaporation kicks in from the heat.


How Often Should I Water my Landscape?

There is not really a direct answer to that question because various factors have to be taken into consideration. Firstly, how large is your tree? Soil conditions, weather conditions, etc. A rule a thumb is that newly planted trees require much more water than established ones. So, measure the age and the durability of your tree and from there determine how much water you may need.


How Much Water Should I Disperse Throughout my Landscape?

Landscaping experts suggest that approximately 10 gallons of water for each inch of the tree’s diameter is needed for established trees.