For arborists, the proper gears are important while on the job. Having gear that not only is effective but provides the best security and safety for arborist is most important; that is why the ZIGZAG PLUS by PETZL has revolutionized the way tree climbing is done today. Built with a sleek design that replaces the traditional go-to and traditional method of tree climbing. The ZIGZAG PLUS allows arborists to move freely and efficiently in a tree using the classic Prusik pulley system technique. As an arborist, you now have more control on the job allowing for different speeds of movement without dangers that may impede your friction.

Here are some highlighted features of the ZIGZAG PLUS by PETZL:

  • Usage of the ZIGZAG PLUS on either single or double ropes, thanks to the CHICANE accessory, which offers more friction on the descent, and the knee ascent assemblies, which facilitates the ascent.
  • The pulley is mounted on sealed ball bearings to allow the slack to be taken up easily.
  • The lower attachment hole with high-efficiency swivel ensures stable and correct positioning of the mechanical Prusik and optimal rope glide through the device.