Rainbird | 1812 - 12 in. 1800 Series Spray Head - No Nozzle




  • 12 in. 1800 Series pop-up spray head
  • Strong stainless steel spring provides reliable stem retraction
  • Constructed of time-proven UV-resistant plastic and corrosion resistant stainless steel parts, assuring long product life
  • Side and bottom inlets
Nozzle Type No Nozzle Included
Spray Head Series 1800 Series

16" (40,6 cm) body height; 12" pop-up height (30.5 cm)

Exposed surface diameter: 2 1/4" (5.7 cm)

Pop-up Height 12 in
Features Side Inlet

Spacing: 3 to 24 feet (0.9 to 7.3m)

Pressure: 15 to 70 psi (1.0 to 4.8 bar).

Flow-by: 0 at 8 psi (0.6 bar) or greater; 0.10 gpm (0.02 m3/h; 0.36 l/m otherwise.

Installation: side or bottom inlet. Side inlet installation not recommended in freezing climates.

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