Speedzone Southern | Broadleaf Herbicide For Turf




Speedzone Southern is a selective post-emergent herbicide that provides excellent and fast broadleaf weed control in sensitive southern turf grasses. SpeedZone Southern controls tough weeds such as dollarweed, creeping beggarweed, clover, plantain, ground ivy and spurge with a fast-acting response time. You will see weeds start reacting within hours. Speedzone is also rainfast within 3 hours, meaning it will stay on weeds even if it rains the night after you spray. SpeedZone Southern is labeled for use on grasses such as Bahiagrass, Buffalograss, centepedegrass, Hybrid Bermudagrass, Common Bermudagrass, Kikuyugrass, Seaside Paspalum, St. Augustine and Zoysiagrass.

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