A great looking lawn adds to your home’s warming invite and creates a space that you and your family can enjoy for gatherings, sports, and so much more. Whether you hire a professional landscaper or you are taking the DIY route, we have the simple tips that will give you the opportunity to enhance the beauty of your property all year-round. And the best part is, that these tips are made with the homeowner in mind, creating cost-effective methods of enhancements that you can be happy with. So, let us get started…

Tip 1: Feed your lawn once every 3 months.

Tip 2: Effectively water your lawn.

Tip 3: Your lawn deserves premium grass seed.

Tip 4: Cut your lawn at the right time of growth and height.

Tip 5: Remove weeds through chemical treatment.


Feed your lawn every 2-3 months.

I cannot begin to tell you how important this step is to ensure that your lawn continues to remain healthy throughout the year. Adding fertilizer every 2-3 months as recommend by landscaping professionals depending on application can be the difference between having vibrant greenery or a slow dying landscape. And of course, we do not want that. So, let’s feed our lawns and watch the fruit of our labor flourish into something we can be proud of.


Effectively water your lawn.

Water your lawn like a pro and not as often as you may think. This statement might sound a bit contradictory. I mean we are taught that lawns need to be watered daily to stay alive, right? However, studies have shown that watering your grass thoroughly rather than frequently provides your landscape with the necessary nourishment that it requires to grow healthy. So, the idea of quality over quantity plays true to this idea of lawn health.

Also, keep in mind that the type of seasons varies how much water is needed to support your lawns health. For example, grass uses less water in the spring and late fall compared to the summer months. So, make sure to have a conversation with your landscaping professional on the best route for watering your grass.


Your lawn deserves premium grass seed.

Grass seed is a foundational tool needed to ensure your lawn grows to a healthy expectation. When you use premium grass seed like Drought Buster® Premium, you are providing your lawn with the vitamins needed to ensure healthy growth periods, dark greenery, and weather defense. All major problems that homeowners encounter.


Cut your lawn like you cut your hair.

Another lawn secret that sometimes gets overlooked and can make a huge difference…dare I say it, mowing. Yes, an especially important step in maintaining the life and health of your lawn. Often, we may think that the higher and fuller our lawns look, the healthier it is. Unfortunately, that is a major misconception. By letting your lawn grow beyond its optimum height causes a lack of established root system, which in turn causes weeds to grow rapidly under the soil. And nobody…and I mean nobody likes weeds in their lawns. Therefore, try and cut your lawn between 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches per cycle and watch your grass sustain the life and health it needs.